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Web applications are an important part of business operations. However, web applications can be easily exploited by hackers who may attempt to steal sensitive data or simply deface the site. The National Institute of Standards and Technology estimates that nearly 92% of security breaches are facilitated by weaknesses in web applications. Companies who conduct business over their web sites face additional challenges. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council requires companies who process credit cards over the Internet to either complete a Web Application Vulnerability Assessment or a Web Application Firewall.Application Security

HEALTHINOVATION’s application security engineers have the expertise in the latest application vulnerabilities and assessment methods to assist you if your company is seeking PCI certification or simply wants to ensure that there are no weaknesses in your web applications.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology estimates that nearly 92 of security breaches are facilitated by weaknesses in web applications.

We offer services in these key areas:

  • Web Application ScanningHEALTHINOVATION’s web application security penetration testers have the necessary background and expertise in web application development to provide top notch security testing. We’ve performed web application testing for some of the world’s largest retailers, financial institutions and consumer products companies. We provide a risk assessment report that is tailored to your environment and applications.

  • Web Application Firewall– Network firewalls and intrusion detection systems can not protect web applications. Let the HEALTHINOVATION experts help you select and implement the web application firewall that is appropriate for your needs.

  • Security Code Review– Our testers can build threat models and use automated tools to identify risks. Any vulnerabilities can then be addressed to ensure the security and integrity of the application.



Our Implementation Engineering consulting services provide a complete roadmap of the changes in information security that need to be addressed and the specific services that we offer. We address both operational changes and the people who must be involved in the process.

These are highlights of our Implementation Engineering consulting services:

  • Administration & Provisioning - HEALTHINOVATION can handle every aspect of your IT project including staffing.
  • E-commerce Security - Let HEALTHINOVATION ensure that your e-commerce site is secure and utilizes best practices to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Endpoint Protection - Endpoints are the most likely to be affected by any number of malware infections, so reducing risk is essential. HEALTHINOVATION is knowledge-able in all aspects of endpoint protection including anti-virus, data encryption, software distribution and application lockdown, and data backups
  • eGRC- We’ll assist you in customizing an enterprise governance, risk and compliance program for your organization including integration with existing systems.
  • Implementation Technology Support - We provide expert assistance in the implementation of technology solutions with a particular focus on information security products.
  • Logging & Monitoring - Maintain compliance and protect your environment against attacks, threats or intrusions. Our expertise includes cloud-based solutions.
  • Platform Hardening - With the growing complexity of IT environments, the risk of an improperly configured operating system is high. The experts at HEALTHINOVATION can help secure your systems on all platforms including mainframe, AS/400, Unix and Windows.
  • System & Data Encryption - HEALTHINOVATION can guide your organization through the available options and the decision and implementation process.
  • Unified Threat Management - Our experts can help you stem the attacks on your corporate information systems. We can help you select and implement the appropriate firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion protection systems, proxies, and VPNs.
  • Network Security Device Implementation - HEALTHINOVATION’s team is knowledgeable in firewalls, intrusion detection/protection systems, anti-virus and malware protection, encryption, and web content filtering.
  • Web Application Scanning - Safeguard your organization’s web applications and protect critical data.
  • Web Application Firewall - Protect your web site and web applications from threats. Address issues related to PCI compliance.


It’s hard to make any measurable progress if you have to walk on the path and clear the path at the same time. It’s even more frustrating for the people on your project team if they have to figure out what needs to be done, work through project politics, or make sure they have the necessary resources available to them to do their job. Morale will quickly wane and productivity diminish.

HEALTHINOVATION provides the certified project management skills to deliver the project on time and under budget to your internal resources or your external clients.  Our project managers mold themselves into the organization and into their roles as leaders and influencers. We know how to set the correct priorities  and show results across virtual teams.

Our PM’s are not vertical market specific and can  have worked at the highest levels of many fortune 500 companies .

Certifications include: 

  • PMP


  • PgMP



Securing your company’s information assets involves more than technology. It requires a deep understanding of the risks involved in and the security processes and procedures that should be implemented.

Our consultants have years of experience in all aspects of information security and hold some of the most prestigious certifications and designations. We have worked with organizations of all sizes including many Fortune 50 companies and global industry leaders.

HEALTHINOVATION’s consulting services can help your company meet its compliance, security design and assessment requirements.

Security Consulting Services

Policy & Procedure Development

Clearly define your company's policies for protecting information and data assets

Security Review

Uncover Network and application vulnerabilities to make your IT environment more secure

Application Security Code Review

Ensure application security through Web Application Scanning, Firewall and Security Code Reviews

Security Incident Response

Understand how to prepare your organization in the event of an attack or data breach

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Use our multi-phase consulting approach to protect your business

SOC Design & Implementation

Use our multi-phase consulting approach to protect your business

Other Consulting Services

Implementation Engineering

Address both the operational changes and the people involved in the process

Security Operations

Select from a diverse spectrum of services including security staff augmentation and SOC operations

IT Consulting & Implementation

Make the right choices in wireless mobility, virtual infrastructure, data storage and more



HEALTHINOVATION specializes in technology integration, remediation and staff augmentation. We represent a diverse spectrum of Information Security solutions so that we can provide non-biased recommendations. Our Operations services include:

  • Security Staff Augmentation
    Whether you need additional support for a few weeks or for a year, we understand security needs far better than any general purpose staffing firm. We provide information security consultants (including architects, system engineers, and project managers) from in-house and external sources to meet your specific requirements. Security operations

              As the single source provider for your security and IT staffing needs, we ensure rate consistency and process efficiency and can deliver multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Operations
    We can design the technology and processes for your SOC and directly staff
    or remotely manage at your discretion. We develop security incident response plans and provide forensic investigations to ensure the appropriate chain of custody was followed.
  • Logging & Monitoring
    Many standards including HIPAA and PCI require long term retention of audit logs — often for many years.
    HEALTHINOVATION can design and implement a cost-effective log management solution that fits your regulatory log retention requirements. Our design can ensure that devices log the required information, that the logs are consolidated in a secure central repository, and are automatically moved to near-line or offline storage for worry-free long term retention.

    We also design reports and provide evidence for your auditors that the logs are handled in a standards-compliant manner.

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM, IdM)
    HEALTHINOVATION provides seasoned security administrators to address both the process and the technology for managing your user provisioning system. We can staff individual positions or the entire administration teams. Our team of IAM & IdM architects are knowledgeable in many product offerings including both the leading providers and niche solutions.

HEALTHINOVATION specializes in technology integration, remediation and staff augmentation.



Having a comprehensive IT strategy helps ensure that you make the right choices for your organization. HEALTHINOVATION can provide an independent, objective assessment of your current IT environment and capabilities and help you understand the risks and benefits. Our IT Consulting Services can improve your business processes and operations and help reduce overall IT costs.

We offer IT Consulting Services in these areas:

  • Wireless Mobility & Wireless Networks– New mobile devices like tablets and iPads can improve operations by providing immediate access to data from anywhere in your facility, but present potential security problems. Let our experts show you how to keep critical and sensitive data secure while still providing wireless access. We have deployed and secured wireless networks with up to 500 access point radios and can help you build a solution around your business processes.

  • Virtual Infrastructure Programs– Frustrated by the high cost of network servers or a poor server room environment? We can show you how a virtual infrastructure program can solve these issues and still provide the stringent data security and high level of bandwidth that your organization needs.

  • Data StorageHEALTHINOVATION can help you design and implement a scalable data storage and backup solution including cloud-based solutions. We can help you leverage your existing investment and ensure that you have the right solution for your business continuity and disaster recovery program.

  • Hosting & Colocation Services– Get fast, reliable and powerful server hosting. We can help you find highly secure, cost-effective and flexible solutions for responsive and predictable levels of service.

  • IP Telephony– If you are considering updating or replacing your existing phone system, let us explain the benefits of Internet Protocol Telephony to your organization. We can help you evaluate the various options to get the features that your business needs.

Having a comprehensive IT strategy helps ensure that you make the right choices for your organization.

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