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Business Process Optimization

Optimization Strategy Diagnostics

  • Most organizations have written a business strategy and process for optimization that provides guidance for the business direction and operational decisions.
  • Often these business plans have some weaknesses that only become apparent after major shocks from some basic actions like:      

                        –  Opinions rather than a rigorous fact base     

                        –  Assuming the future will be like the past, and not considering other scenarios

                        – Focussing on current operational problems not long term opportunities

  • New business leadership or the Board may harbor uncertainties about the business strategy. A typical solution is to replace the senior management and/or commission a major strategy project with an external firm.
  • A more efficient and targeted approach is to audit the foundations of the current business strategy through a comprehensive checklist. This allows a good check of how solid the foundations of the strategy are, and the targeted remediation required. Perhaps most importantly, this approach does not result in a loss of corporate memory inherent in major organizational charges. Through use of our diagnostic clients are able to:

                        – Understand how comprehensive and complete the foundations of the business strategy are

                        – Pinpoint areas of weakness, and areas that do not require remediation

                        – Form a view of the likely remediation actions required depending on the particular areas of weakness in the strategy

  • A business strategy in this context is one part of the business planning continuum. The business strategy components covered in the diagnostic are those typically associated with the 3 to 5 year planning of the organization