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Web application, Website development and Social media

Healthnovation partners with Fingent to build custom websites, web applications and social-media solutions, for medical practices, healthcare providers, and allied health services

Our Web application, Website development and Social media solutions can help you: 

  • Improve patient engagement
  • Reduce operational costs and
  • Improve visibility to potential customers
  • Provide an online presence consistent with your brand and 
  • Manage your reputation online.

Website design and redesign services:

We can help you create a new bespoke website, or redesign your current site. Some of the healthcare website features we have implemented for our clients include:

  • Online Patient Appointment Forms
  • Prescription Forms
  • Patient Referral Forms
  • Online Bill Payment facilities
  • Patient Educational Resources - Articles, Tutorials and Videos

All our healthcare websites are HIPAA compliant. Compliance to other requirements, if needed, can be ensured. All our website are SEO optimized, ensuring good visibility online.

Website application design:

Leverage our technical expertise and offshoring services to bring your ideas to life! We have designed and deployed sophisticated large scale Web 2.0 applications. Our experienced technical team can help you:

  • translate your ideas into software specifications
  • identify the right environment, platform and frameworks to deploy your application
  • bring together a good project team of software engineers, designers and testers to develop your application
  • test and deploy your application as a cloud based service, or in a shared/dedicated server
  • support you with continuous maintenance and upgrades to your application, post deployment

All our healthcare websites are HIPAA compliant. Compliance to other requirements, if needed, can be ensured. Web applications can be SEO optimized if needed.

Social Media Services:

Social media is today a key tool to secure: Patient engagement, reputation management and patient education, for medical practices, healthcare providers and allied health services. We can help you:

  • Deploy off-the-shelf platforms for your blog, with bespoke design and functionality, to help your blog stand out from the crowd
  • SEO optimize for your blog
  • Design your facebook and twitter pages, to provide a consistent branding for your online presence.
  • Keep your blogs and social media presence active, by publishing aggregated content for patient education and information.

Manage your reputation online, before someone else does it for you!