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Having a comprehensive IT strategy helps ensure that you make the right choices for your organization. HEALTHINOVATION can provide an independent, objective assessment of your current IT environment and capabilities and help you understand the risks and benefits. Our IT Consulting Services can improve your business processes and operations and help reduce overall IT costs.

We offer IT Consulting Services in these areas:

  • Wireless Mobility & Wireless Networks– New mobile devices like tablets and iPads can improve operations by providing immediate access to data from anywhere in your facility, but present potential security problems. Let our experts show you how to keep critical and sensitive data secure while still providing wireless access. We have deployed and secured wireless networks with up to 500 access point radios and can help you build a solution around your business processes.

  • Virtual Infrastructure Programs– Frustrated by the high cost of network servers or a poor server room environment? We can show you how a virtual infrastructure program can solve these issues and still provide the stringent data security and high level of bandwidth that your organization needs.

  • Data StorageHEALTHINOVATION can help you design and implement a scalable data storage and backup solution including cloud-based solutions. We can help you leverage your existing investment and ensure that you have the right solution for your business continuity and disaster recovery program.

  • Hosting & Colocation Services– Get fast, reliable and powerful server hosting. We can help you find highly secure, cost-effective and flexible solutions for responsive and predictable levels of service.

  • IP Telephony– If you are considering updating or replacing your existing phone system, let us explain the benefits of Internet Protocol Telephony to your organization. We can help you evaluate the various options to get the features that your business needs.

Having a comprehensive IT strategy helps ensure that you make the right choices for your organization.