Super Team


HEALTHINOVATION specializes in technology integration, remediation and staff augmentation. We represent a diverse spectrum of Information Security solutions so that we can provide non-biased recommendations. Our Operations services include:

  • Security Staff Augmentation
    Whether you need additional support for a few weeks or for a year, we understand security needs far better than any general purpose staffing firm. We provide information security consultants (including architects, system engineers, and project managers) from in-house and external sources to meet your specific requirements. Security operations

              As the single source provider for your security and IT staffing needs, we ensure rate consistency and process efficiency and can deliver multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Operations
    We can design the technology and processes for your SOC and directly staff
    or remotely manage at your discretion. We develop security incident response plans and provide forensic investigations to ensure the appropriate chain of custody was followed.
  • Logging & Monitoring
    Many standards including HIPAA and PCI require long term retention of audit logs — often for many years.
    HEALTHINOVATION can design and implement a cost-effective log management solution that fits your regulatory log retention requirements. Our design can ensure that devices log the required information, that the logs are consolidated in a secure central repository, and are automatically moved to near-line or offline storage for worry-free long term retention.

    We also design reports and provide evidence for your auditors that the logs are handled in a standards-compliant manner.

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM, IdM)
    HEALTHINOVATION provides seasoned security administrators to address both the process and the technology for managing your user provisioning system. We can staff individual positions or the entire administration teams. Our team of IAM & IdM architects are knowledgeable in many product offerings including both the leading providers and niche solutions.

HEALTHINOVATION specializes in technology integration, remediation and staff augmentation.