Super Team


Our Implementation Engineering consulting services provide a complete roadmap of the changes in information security that need to be addressed and the specific services that we offer. We address both operational changes and the people who must be involved in the process.

These are highlights of our Implementation Engineering consulting services:

  • Administration & Provisioning - HEALTHINOVATION can handle every aspect of your IT project including staffing.
  • E-commerce Security - Let HEALTHINOVATION ensure that your e-commerce site is secure and utilizes best practices to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Endpoint Protection - Endpoints are the most likely to be affected by any number of malware infections, so reducing risk is essential. HEALTHINOVATION is knowledge-able in all aspects of endpoint protection including anti-virus, data encryption, software distribution and application lockdown, and data backups
  • eGRC- We’ll assist you in customizing an enterprise governance, risk and compliance program for your organization including integration with existing systems.
  • Implementation Technology Support - We provide expert assistance in the implementation of technology solutions with a particular focus on information security products.
  • Logging & Monitoring - Maintain compliance and protect your environment against attacks, threats or intrusions. Our expertise includes cloud-based solutions.
  • Platform Hardening - With the growing complexity of IT environments, the risk of an improperly configured operating system is high. The experts at HEALTHINOVATION can help secure your systems on all platforms including mainframe, AS/400, Unix and Windows.
  • System & Data Encryption - HEALTHINOVATION can guide your organization through the available options and the decision and implementation process.
  • Unified Threat Management - Our experts can help you stem the attacks on your corporate information systems. We can help you select and implement the appropriate firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion protection systems, proxies, and VPNs.
  • Network Security Device Implementation - HEALTHINOVATION’s team is knowledgeable in firewalls, intrusion detection/protection systems, anti-virus and malware protection, encryption, and web content filtering.
  • Web Application Scanning - Safeguard your organization’s web applications and protect critical data.
  • Web Application Firewall - Protect your web site and web applications from threats. Address issues related to PCI compliance.