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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning is a multi-phase consulting service which provides specific audit points within the engagement. Our engagement begins with the discovery and valuation phases and ends with testing and change management. The information uncovered during discovery will have a direct effect on the time and resources required to complete the plan and move to the testing phases. This phased approach provides our clients with a cost-effective BC/DR plan.

We break our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery engagements into four phases:

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Identifying business critical functions
  • Identifying the resources and systems that support the critical functions
  • Management validation on findings
  • Cost / Valuation analysis

Phase 2: Mitigation and Recovery Strategies

  • Executive endorsement of corporate mitigation and recovery objectives
  • Identification of mitigation and recovery strategies for:
  • Backup methods/Alternate site
  • Equipment replacement/Vendor agreements
  • Cost considerations/Cost benefit analysis
  • Vendor supplied equipment
  • Supporting personnel
  • Documentation of key processes within business units lacking sufficient supporting documentation
  • Development of a proposed mitigation and recovery plan with a focus on physical recovery of physical equipment, information assets, facilities and personnel, recovery of information systems, selection of recovery teams, financial continuity and communications

Review of recovery plans for the field offices

Phase 3: Plan Documentation & Implementation

  • Executive approval on the proposed plan
  • Comprehensive documentation including high level policies, procedures and guidelines for recovery
  • Management validation on findings
  • Cost / Valuation analysis

Phase 4: Testing & Maintenance

  • Development of policies and procedures for testing, training and maintenance of the plan, including:
  • Training recovery teams, managers and staff
  • Development of testing plan and procedures
  • Development of maintenance procedures for the plan