Super Team

  • We work with senior executives to help design their overall business and corporate strategy and help deliver on high value projects such as pricing strategy, market assessments, competitive dynamics, and organizational change.
  • Our approach combines objective fact based analysis, joint problem solving and implementation design, improving and accelerating our clients' ability to deliver value.

Strategy Planning Processes

  • Facilitation of strategy and planning process, as well as providing content on market structure and trends, and portfolio analysis and initiative prioritization.
  • Development of new strategy and planning processes, initiative prioritization frameworks and on-going tracking mechanisms.


Business Unit Strategy

  • Develop potential competitive strategies and business unit design based on industry structure and dynamics, market changes, customer needs and behaviors, and company positioning. These strategies can be tested with a range of tools including valuation models, game theory, decision trees or real options.

Corporate Strategy

  • Assessment and refinement of the current business portfolio based on current and likely future attractiveness of the markets and whether the client is well placed to capture a strong competitive position versus others.